Dada Boudir Tour and Travels is a premium tour and travel agency in Kolkata. Being one of the most popular and trusted travel agency in Haridwar, now we are providing our service towards our tourist directly from Kolkata. Guided by Mr. Ankit Rana, Director Dada Boudir Tour and Travels, we are committed to provide state of art service for ultimate satisfaction during your visit with us. We have various tour plans that suits your budget and fulfill your desire to visit the tourist place that you were dreaming to visit. In case you need to consult our plan, don’t hesitate call directly on +91-9917033448 and get all the necessary information.

We have dedicated website for pilgrim tour package in Haridwar visit our website www.chardhamtourism.co.in. You may visit our website www.dadaboudir.com incase you need information for all the available tour package in Uttarakhand and other attaractive tour packages.

Whenever you need to hire car service in Uttarakhand or anywhere in India, we can opt for our trusted car rental service. For more details visit www.haridwarcarservice.com.

The wealth of experience shared by our experts ensure that the customer gets a superior service within the most competitive price. We blend our service with style together with elegance faith and hospitality. With our team comprising of professionals with caring attitude you will find sweeter fruits of satisfaction than expected.

We look forward to a continued patronage with all our customers both present and future.

All tours mentioned in our site offer one of the best of experiences to the traveler. The effort has been to enrich traveling with lasting memories. We have a number of package tours that can be conducted in groups or tailormade. One can avail of any of the tours mentioned here. If you have any specific query please contact us.

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